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For unto us a child is born... ~ Isaiah 9:6

posted Dec 22, 2015, 9:09 AM by Stephen Fallon   [ updated Dec 22, 2015, 9:15 AM ]

‘She laid him in manger, because  there was no room for them in the inn.’ I have sometimes wondered whether the inn-keeper ever discovered to whom he had refused entry into his inn. Poor man, it could not have been his fault and he could not have known that the woman who knocked at his door was in fact carrying the Messiah, and, as we know, not just the Messiah, but God who had become man. No, he could not have known.

What about us, you and me? Do we refuse him entry into our lives? Do we slam the door in his face because we do not want him to question the way we live? Or is there simply no room for him?

We have other preoccupations: our jobs, our leisure enjoyments, family responsibilities, and much else. And in any case we hear the many voices of those many persons who tell us religion is irrelevant, an unnecessary luxury for those that way inclined.

Now I believe there is a space within each one of us which only God can fill. That was said by the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey. It is an important point, indeed a vital one, for a life without God is a stunted life. There is something missing. There is a void.

So we have to admit God into that space within us, which is for him. He must become part of our thinking, and an object of our desiring. He must dwell, so to speak, in our minds and hearts. Every time we celebrate Christmas we are reminded that God entered into our world in poverty and humility so as to dwell with us. We must welcome him. We must learn more about him, listen to his words as we read them in the gospels. All that Christ said and did as a man speaks to us about truths about God. They tell us what we mean to him and what he should mean to us. We must then get to know him as a person. This we do in the stillness of quiet reflection, which is prayer - brief moments stolen out of a busy day just to be alone with Christ.

Cardinal Basil Hume, Midnight Mass, Westminster Cathedral 1995



Lord Jesus Christ,

you came to a stable

when men looked in a palace;

you were born in poverty

when we might have anticipated riches;

King of all earth,

you were content to visit one nation.

From beginning to end

you upturned our human values

and held us in suspense.

Come to us Lord Jesus.

Do not let us take you for granted

or pretend that we fully  understand you.

Continue to surprise us

so that, kept alert,

we are always ready

to receive you as Lord and to do your will.


May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and happy new year. Our wonderful Advent journey is almost over as we end what has a been a busy and fruitful Autumn term. I am very grateful for all the work of our teachers and staff as well as the ongoing support you provide for your children. However, my greatest praise and thanks go to our children. They are a true source of inspiration as they continue to grow and achieve in all they do. Our Reception children have been a joy to watch as they’ve settled into their learning and, overall, the atmosphere in school has been excellent. Hopefully, after a relaxing holiday, we continue the journey in the same  positive manner.

Mass times for St Aidan’s are as follows -

Christmas Eve - Carols  7:30pm     Vigil Mass 8:00pm

Christmas Day - Mass 9:30am

Fr Michael would be delighted to welcome you along over the Christmas period!

We return to school on Wednesday 6th January, in the meantime have a wonderful holiday.

Best wishes