Home-School Prayer Journal

Each class from Reception to Year 6 has been given a home-school class prayer journal. Each pupil will be given the opportunity to take it in turns to write a prayer in the book, at home, and return it to school the following day. The book will follow the class throughout their time in school.  


'Inside this little book of prayer,

Our thoughts to God we give,

And turn to him in times of need 

To show us how to live. 
Two minutes of your time to spare,

Is all St. Stephen asks, 
To come up with a heartfelt prayer,

As one of your little tasks'.  


Each class teacher has a set of four prayers which are said throughout the course of the day. It is important to realise that these prayers do not ‘punctuate’ the day, but are there to provide opportunities of reflection and a ‘pause for thought’.  


The morning collective worship time together (after the register) is often a time where pupils may ask the class to pray for their intention and a time where they can share the class prayer book together.