Prayer, Song & Soup

It was our absolute pleasure to be able to invite parents, grandparents and carers into school this half term to join the children on their spiritual journey through Lent. As you are aware, Lent is a time for giving, praying and fasting. A time to clear out the old and bring in the new – with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Not only this, but Lent is also a time for Christians to live as an example of Christ and support those who are in greater need than us.  


This year, we chose to support the Turkey – Syria Earthquake appeal as the atrocities witnessed all over social media platforms and news stations, highlighted just how much support and aid was required for the thousands of people who lost their homes, possessions and sadly, their lives too. Thus, Prayer, Song and Soup was born! Miss Celardi and Mrs Long were keen to bring the community together to support those who are in need and what better way to do it through prayer and food – a great combination.  


Staff were filled with immense pride and admiration as we watched our pupils take on this especially significant role and be ambassadors for our Lenten appeal, as the KS2 pupils led us in four beautiful prayer services, which was then followed by crafts and tasty, homemade soup. Not only was it a time to reflect on the devastation caused by natural disaster, but it was a time to reflect on our own personal Lenten journeys, too.  


It was a lovely opportunity for our school community to come together and pray for the same cause, but also to watch our amazing children lead our services. We really are so grateful for the support you have shown this term. We were absolutely astounded by the donations that came in week after week which gave us the grand total of £300 we cannot thank you enough! The donations from our weekly soup kitchen played a huge role in the grand total, too. We have enjoyed celebrating this special time with you all and will look forward to further events which can bring us together as one community.  


As Desmond Tutu said, ‘Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.’ together, we have done just that. So, thank you once again for the overwhelming response to our Lenten appeal.