Parental Testimonials

We are the parents of ******** in Reception and we wanted to send this message to school as we are at the end of the school year!


It has been a challenging year for pupils, parents, and all staff in the school, plus it has been ****** first year of school and thus a whole new world for us all.


You have confirmed our decision as first choice for ******. Throughout everything, we have been impressed with the school and its staff, most especially Miss ***********.


The ethos of the school and its staff is commendable and we have seen ******* develop and grow in your care.


We also appreciate the weekly updates in the newsletter which illustrates significant thought and consideration in the announcements and decisions as well as flexibility of thought.


We continue to be impressed and send our sincere thanks and best wishes.


Dear Mr Fallon,

A friend was talking about her daughter who started St Mary’s last September after leaving St **************. She said that her daughter had met a set of lovely girls who were all very kind and caring, and they’d made her daughter feel very welcome in their group. She had a lot of positive things to say about these girls.

Last week I learned that this particular set of girls had come from St Stephen’s so I thought you might like to know this. People are very quick to complain these days so I just thought it would be nice to receive a compliment and feel proud about these young ladies from St Stephen’s.



Just want to say thank you to Mrs ***** for all your hard work, it doesn’t go unnoticed. **** has come such a long way from when she started nursery last year. I wish you all the luck and happiness for the future.



To Mr Fallon, Mrs Swaddle and the team,


With grateful thanks and much appreciation for your resilience and hard work this year.


Kind regards,





Hello, I just wanted to pass on that both ******** (year 2) and ******** (nursery) were talking non stop about the petting animals that were on the field yesterday, a lovely surprise and they thoroughly enjoyed it- thank you! J*****



Dear Mrs ***********,

Just a note to wish you well. You never taught ****** but your friendly face at the Early Years’ entrance every morning was much appreciated and made it so much easier to leave **********  in Reception when she started.

Take care and all the best.


I wanted to say a special thank you, to you for everything you have done for **** this year. You have taken time to get to know **** and understand his needs and I am so grateful for that. You have offered fantastic advice and reassured me and his Dad more help is there should he need it. The support ****  has received has changed his perception of school.

Have a fantastic summer!