School Choir

St. Stephen's School is proud to introduce to you the School Choir. Mrs Long was bowled over by the response, enthusiasm and love of singing and performing when she suggested taking on responsibility for the choir. Therefore, she could not resist the opportunity to put singing and hymn practice firmly back on our weekly calendar where it belongs!


Each Thursday, the children gather in the teaching hub and learn new hymns and prepare for special masses, liturgical prayer services and also fundraisers too. It has been noted on several occasions how the talent of the children blows our audience members away. Their ability to sing with confidence, pride and their ability to convey beautiful messages through song is mightily impressive. 


The children have demonstrated a commitment to their club, a willingness to give things a go and also absolute determination too! Singing a wide range of both old and new hymns, challenging taize chants and responses, is not always easy. The choir work extremely hard and always give 100% effort. 


Our choir is made up of 35 KS2 pupils and we are always on the look out for more talent. Choir rehearsals are on Tuesdays, at 12pm. We’d love to see more of the children their singing their hearts out!