St. Stephen's Sanctuary

We are delighted to announce that our prayer garden, The St. Stephen's Sanctuary, is now officially open! It has been a busy few weeks getting it to this point but I'm sure you can agree, that our special volunteers have done such a wonderful job! The school garden was in need of some care and attention and our special helpers gave it that...and more! 


Our vision for the St. Stephen's Sanctuary was quite simple: a quiet, reflective and calming space where pupils, staff and members of our parish community can spend a moment in quiet prayer with God. Essentially, we hoped to develop something permanent, which could be used regularly and cherished by all, including the birds and mini beasts! Our Little Potting Club have already made an excellent start on maintaining the garden and have taken great pride in watering the plants and ensuring that the bird feeders are topped up so that our garden can continue to blossom. 


To help celebrate the opening of the garden, Fr. Sean celebrated a short service with the whole school, followed by a blessing ceremony. 


We are so proud of this area of the school grounds and our Agents for Change, along with our gardening club, will do their absolute best to maintain and care for this special area of our school.