Who's Who


Staff Member 

Role and Responsibility  


Mr Fallon 


Deputy Headteacher 


Mrs Swaddle 


DSL, NQT Mentors, Early Career Framework  

Religious Education, Collective Worship and Catholic Life, 

Music Lead 



Mrs Denton  



Nursery Teacher 

Mrs Kaur 

PSHE Lead  

Reception Teacher 

Ms Hetherington 

EY Lead TLR 

Year 1 Teacher 

Mrs Wootten 

Art and Design Technology Lead  

Year 2 Teacher 

Mrs Earl 

Mrs Long

Mathematics Lead TLR  

English Lead TLR 

Year 3 Teacher 

Mrs Laidler  

(Miss Kelly maternity)  

Humanities Lead  

Science Lead 

Year 4 Teacher 

Mr Baines 

Physical Education/Computing Lead 

Year 5 Teacher 

Mrs Brown 


Year 6 Teacher 

Miss Ballabanaj 

MFL Lead (French) 

Teaching Assistant (HLTA) 

Mrs Blakey 


Teaching Assistant (HLTA) 

Mr Smith 


Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Callaghan 


Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Somers 


Teaching Assistant EY 

Miss Pearson 


Teaching Assistant EY 

Mrs Dunbar 


Teaching Assistant EY 

Miss Barnfather 


School Business Manager 

Miss Celardi 


Administrative Assistant  Miss Preti  

Site Manager 

Mr Watson 


KS2 Mathematics Intervention Support 

Mr Butler 


Music Teacher: Steel pans, percussion, guitar  

Miss Connon 

Year 1 – 4 Whole-Class Music Tuition 

Music Teacher: Strings and Piano 

Mr Davies 

Year 5 and 6 Whole-Class Music Tuition 

Breakfast Club Assistant 

Mrs Horner 


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs Wilson 


Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs Hudson 


Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs Taylor 


Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs Brown 


Lunchtime Supervisor 

Mrs Colley 


Lunchtime Supervisor 

Miss Embleton  

Lunchtime Supervisor 

Miss Curran  
Lunchtime Supervisor  Ms Westerby