World Book Day 2023

World Book Week 2023  


World book Day – and what a day it was! In true St. Stephen's style, we went all out and had one of the best weeks in school!  


We started the week off with a bang...Big Foot Arts Education team joined us for an interactive day of fun! The day started with an exciting assembly/performance where out visitors took on the role of various characters, as we entered the courtroom of Judge Chief. The children then took on the role of jury and together, they explored and analysed all the evidence presented and decided upon the fate of the Big Bad Wolf – guilty or not guilty? 


Alexander T Wolf then had the opportunity to share his side of the story, in the bid to convince the jury that he was not guilty. He gave quite the performance – who knew the Big Bad Wolf was such a great dancer – he had better moves than Mr Smith and that’s saying something!  

After considering all evidence, the children came to a resounding conclusion...NOT GUILTY!!! 


After the assembly, the children then took part in a range of different workshops, where they completed various activities including hot seating, freeze frames and short role play activities. The children had an incredible time taking on all the different roles, presenting different arguments and in general had a real wonderful time!  


As you can see from the photographs, joy, enthusiasm and laughter filled the school on that day. It was an immense pleasure to see the children stepping outside of the comfort zones and participating in drama and role play activities. they had such a fantastic day! The Wolf on Trial day set the tone for the week and many wonderful activities and reading opportunities followed.  


As the week progressed the children then completed a wide range of art and English activities. With the help and support from our amazing teaching assistants, we transformed the school corridor with all their fantastic work! As you can see, our corridor is a real showstopper!  



Just when we thought the week could not get any better...official World Book Day came around. The theme this year was ‘Reading for Pleasure’ which we kicked off with yet another exciting assembly – led by Mrs Long and Miss Tawse – with a special guest appearance! It would not be a proper World Book Day without a special guest appearance! The children were presented with a secret mission where they would have to stop and read whenever they heard the DJ Buzzer sound! The children could not contain their excitement to see who had won the reading trophy this year! Mrs Long must have gotten her measurements mixed up as this trophy could go down in history as the world’s smallest trophy....It didn’t matter in the end as Year 1 proudly lifted the reading trophy this year! Well done, Year 1! 



The day ended with our reading café's reopening their doors once again, further reading time with friends and finally...Mr Fallon put together his most famous and riveting World Book Day quiz. The children look forward to his bonus question each year (it’s the same question each year but they never can remember!!) 


It really was a wonderful day that brought home the true meaning of World Book Day. We say this every year, but this year will be hard to top!